FLR – Practical Application – part 3

The next pillar of applying the ground rules is behavioural change.

I knew and could sense that some things I do drove my wife nuts.  Not bad habits – I dont really have many of these, but poor behaviour..

  • The first one trait to get straightened out was to ensure respect.  My wife wears the pants, I obey.   No bargaining, arguing, complaining, backchat or admonishing.  All has to stop immediately.
  • Others included stopping swearing and no more discussion or ranting about politics or whatever – in fact that was to be off limits totally.
  • Lastly, anything my wife wasn’t interested in hearing she had the perfect right to tell me to stop.

This is the one that still eludes us a bit – my wife isn’t comfortable with all the aspects of top dog (yet)   I suspect as time goes on and I slip a little here and there, she will have to step up and be the boss in no uncertain terms.

The next bit helps – its a very powerful aspect of FLR



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