Uh oh, I’m in trouble

So, this weekend was where we made everything permanent and I’m in trouble!

I surrendered the last of my money (a jar of 1 and 2 dollar coins saving for a rainy day) and we took them to the bank.  They went into whatever account my wife chose, I have no access to the banking anymore, so she could be spending it on herself, or saving into the mortgage for all I know.

It leaves me with just a nominal amount of cash in a sealed signed envelope in case of emergencies.  Every other thing I need, I’m going to have to ask for.   She’s made it clear that I am never getting access to my bank cards, my online banking or paypal without her.

It’s a huge deal.  Massively submissive.  I feel very humble.

I made a change on the computer lock out timer schedule thingo – thats now all set and my wife told me I’m only getting any changes if there’s something wrong – everything else – sites, hours, bedtime – no deal.

So thats me locked into having significant amounts of time off any device permanently.

And so it was with all the non device time that I had this weekend, that I spent all my productive time cleaning and tending to my wifes needs.   I was sorting something and asked what was happening with a shelf that had been left on the floor for months.  I ended up back chatting and being rude and got into proper trouble for being disrespectful.

My wife was suddenly furious and I had to apologise to her straight away.  I was taken aback but really pleased that she had grown so quickly into the role of boss and expecting me to obey and be respectful.

Damn. And wow.  And oh shit.

Even though she’s not that into the idea of punishments for transgressions (apart from withholding money as a way to bring me to heel) I think this will be where she starts thinking about the value of proper punishments :-/  She half suggested something in jest before all this happened and I kinda want to bring it up and suggest it to her myself.

She joked about having to repeat the chore I was working on from the start, which for me would have been mopping all floors.   As horrible and annoying as it might be for me, it would be a damn good punishment – having to repeat something that takes quite a bit of effort and an hour to complete.   I might learn to button my tongue and just do as I’m told after a few of those.

The house is really starting to look properly clean – only 2 rooms and my study to blitz now, so in a month, apart from having to keep on top of what we’ve already done, the house will be sparkling and ready for painting.




4 thoughts on “Uh oh, I’m in trouble

    1. I’m considering getting some sites together and suggesting she read, but equally, am keen not to put her off too much before we’ve really found our feet with the basics. I am tempted to let her read my blog, yes, but equally uncertain as I dont want to rush her.. (*hi honey, if I’ve let you see this in the future!*) I wish she would pull me up hard for transgressions, but it’s early days and I haven’t stuffed up too much yet!

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