Short Leash

I love being on a short leash.

It’s disabling, controlling, submissive, humbling, humiliating.  A powerful reminder that I am not the boss. I am not in control anymore.

I’m allowed (on request and if there is room in the budget) a maximum of $20 in any week. And I have to return all change at the end. It’s a massive head trip.  I had to fess up to a friend that I couldn’t pay for drinks yesterday.  Can’t hide from it, I was only carrying $20 and it wasn’t enough.

Got home and as my planned nights out are done, I had to surrender the money back to my wife, leaving me totally without access to money again. I just need to remember to be thankful for the money when I return anything I didn’t spend.  Would be interesting to be grounded if I wasn’t appropriately respectful to my wife for her generosity.

So all this makes my submissive self ache with desire to please. It’s unbelievably powerful.

I truly am on a short leash and cannot escape this exquisite submissive prison I have crafted.


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