Captured masculinity

So, I mentioned chastity belts/cages and how they proved uncomfortable in the longer term.  Well, I thought I’d give mine another go for a decent length of time to see if I could make it work.  I’d made a few minor changes and it was time for another go.

I have a stainless steel Bon4m – small cage – I’ve had it for ages but not really given it much of a go.  It’s pretty secure – when locked tight and coupled with a slightly modified anti-pull out rubber flange thing that extends into the cage and pushes in just behind the head of my cock, means I cannot get out, pull out or anything.  I’m in for the long haul.

Its open design is great for hygiene and theres nothing apart from making sure the back ring isn’t pinching or causing any sore spots that stops you wearing it full time.


Which is just as well.

Because I committed to 9 days in it, no way out, no way to change my mind.

I’m 1/2 way through so far and it feels fine.  Night time erections are painful – the back ring has to be quite tight when my cock is flaccid to keep things nice and secure, but being a grower, things can get pretty tight in both the ring and the cage when things start happening down there.  It pays to keep things under tight mental control.

The device is reasonably unobtrusive, certainly can’t see it under jeans – looks like a normal bulge, it’s even okay under workout gear, but my suit might be interesting as I have a few days at work I have to endure.  The worst bit is the padlock, which kinda sticks out if you don’t angle it just right and it can also clank a bit.  A bit of tape or an elastic band fixes that though.

I’m desperate for the key – there is nothing I want more than for the electronic timer that has control of it to end it’s torture session and give me the key!

It’s all consuming.  I want my cock.  I need to feel it so badly.  Oh my god..

So, given this is clearly working already  – I need to formulate a plan on introducing it to my lovely wife for full time consideration.

That should focus my attention good and properly on her at all times.

All she will ever need to do is dangle the key in front of me and I’m pretty sure I’d do anything she asked.

I’m doomed.



3 thoughts on “Captured masculinity

  1. I wear a Mature Metal Jail Bird cage. It’s quite comfortable. I have never tried to pull it off but think it would be difficult—and then impossible to get back on. It’s custom crafted to my body and is expensive but if your wife agrees to this route, might be a worthy expenditure.


    1. I’ve picked up a metal version of the holy trainer – it’s pretty awesome actually, but a little bit heavier than I’d like.. It totally prevents any access, is very hard to not possible to pull out of and getting it back in is impossible. I just need to introduce it when we’re a bit further on and my wife is a little more comfortable with how things are going.

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