30 days chaste (plus a few)

We’re testing the practicality of permanent chastity.  Well, not permanently on, just a permanent feature of our lives.

She can use it as a massive stick to fuck with my head and punish me with.  This is good – I need this, I need to be making sure I obey her.

So it 1 month locked, no outs for any reason unless there’s some medical emergency.

Its been 3 days.  Fuck.

The first week is the worst, the penis has to get used to the device and there’s the 3am morning wood that can cause the base ring to get tight and cause a burning sensation.

No actual damage is being done (I’ve taken it off at this point before and there’s nothing wrong) – it’s just tight and uncomfortable.  A bit of moisturiser quickly applied and all is good.   I’ll adjust – I’ve been through this first week phase a few times.

Once out the other side – it’s just about keeping it clean and wondering why the fuck you find the idea of having your cock forcibly taken away from you appealing and the only thing you want to do is to get access to it.

Its actually like being permanently turned on – edged up – but with no release.  Which is of course where things feel amazing. So I’m mentally and a bit physically in that place 24/7.  How can no touching be better than actual touch?

I guess once you cum, it’s all over – the heightened senses, the expectation, the arousal, the feeling of wanting to do anything to please.   Take that away and lock it up – the feeling is still kind of there, but you cant go ruining it and destroying all that sexual energy with an orgasm.

I yearn for it, I’ll do anything for it.

So far, I’m on my best behaviour.  And it just sits there, taunting me.

30 days seems like a long way off.   I’m not sure I’ll get out then or not..

Part of me hopes so, part of wishes she uses the random date generator and let the cards fall where they may


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