Money Troubles

I don’t normally have access to any money, as per our agreement.  My wife has all the cards, bank passwords and controls my access to every cent. I earn the money and get no access to any of it without permission.

However, I had my debit card in my wallet for a few weeks after going shopping and forgot to return it. I forgot about it for a while, but then I bought a few coffees at work last week and went out for dinner with friends.

My wife checks my account at the end of every month and takes out all the unspent money from my travel allowance which goes in at the start of the month to cover train fares and transfers it to her account (or somewhere, I have no idea).

She saw these transactions and noticed that there was less in the account than she was expecting and hit the roof.

She hadn’t agreed to me buying any coffees and did not approve of how much I had spent on dinner and drinks ($80). I had to immediately return the debit card, which went back in the safe.

I’m currently waiting to see what consequences there are for this transgression.


Edit:  Consequences.

Shes added a block to my computer and devices – a mix of sites, all my games and app store are blocked for 5 days.

Facebook, etsy, ebay, instagram, flickr, netflix, pinterest, vimeo, youtube…  all blocked.  I can’t override it without with the password, which of course I don’t have…

Guess I’m doing other things this week.



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